Bud Buddy Cannabis Containment

The Bud Buddy is Made from BPA/BPS FREE Pharmaceutical Grade Plastic!


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Bud Buddy Cannabis Containers

Say “hello” to your new best pal, Bud Buddy! Bud Buddy is a system of durable, colorful, inter-locking containers optimized especially for the safe and secure storage of marijuana. Use a single container for a small stash, or connect several together with our exclusive StashSmart Technology to organize a larger stash.

Bud Buddy’s multiple color options keep your bud organized by type, so you know exactly what’s what and can get rolling or packing as soon as possible. Our cannabis containers are perfect for discrete & secure home storage or for taking your cannabis out with friends.

Say “hello” to Bud Buddy, and “goodbye” to messy, disorganized cannabis chaos!



Bud Buddy comes in several color options. Get all your Bud Buddies in your favorite color, or use multiple colors to help you organize cannabis by type. With our cannabis containers you can quickly and easily know what you’ve got on-hand with just a glance!

potLeafIconSmartStash TECHNOLOGY

Having a few Bud Buddies is great, but what really knocks their usefulness out of the park is our exclusive StashSmart Technology. With StashSmart Tech you can interlock your Bud Buddies together which makes your entire stash easily mobile.


Bud Buddy’s size is perfect for storage. Not too big to “get in the way” and not too small to make using them difficult. They’ve been size-optimized to hold the perfect amount of cannabis while remaining compact enough to be easily store out of site.

The Bud Buddy is just about the best thing to happen to weed since Doritos Cool Ranch came out. With my new Bud Buddy cannabis containers I have no doubts as to how much of what kind of cannabis I have, and can quickly take it anywhere I cannabis to go.

Rufus Slothkowski

Co-Founder, HyperSloth.me

The Bud Buddy has saved my vacation and maybe my marriage!


Co-Founder, HyperSloth.me

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