Hey, hey folks! As you can plainly see the new 420 Products USA website is officially up and running. We still have a few ongoing tweaks to make but for the most part we are rockin’ right along. Feel free to spend wads of money on many of our fine products such as…

The Bud Buddy

Superstack Both Views 2016

Contain your cannabis, not yourself! The Bud Buddy puts an end to your “cannabis chaos” nightmares once and for all. You can pick them up individually or save buy purchasing the Short Stack (3 Bud Buddies) or the Super Stack (7 Bud Buddies) and then grab…



Complete your beloved collection of Bud Buddies with a Gigglestick! Gigglesticks come with a high quality glass pipe and durable plastic container to keep it safe and secure where ever you go.

Both the Bud Buddy and Gigglesticks come in a variety of colors and are made with BHA/BPA FREE Pharmaceutical Grade Plastic!